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Team Skeet can be looked at as a team of sites that are incredibly wonderful. In total, you are looking at some 19 sites inside. The sites are being offered to you by this network for a lowly monthly fee subscription so you are definitely getting a good deal. The genres covered by this site are the ordinary mainstream porn niches that include Latina, BJs, anal, teen, hardcore, POV, etc. There is a wind of change that is going through this network. They are now working feverishly hard to give members more natural scenes, more hot models, better filming, and production. To see what we mean you can check out the tour page for some previews.

This new age of porn production is simply great since it offers members so much better quality material. This network is definitely using all the new tech and they have awesome 1080p HD material inside. The sites inside the network that are adding new action are the ones with this kind of material. There are some older materials inside that may have lower HD options, but we can say that for 90% of the total material you are getting terrific viewing quality.

For those of you who like huge galleries well you are in luck because these guys have over 1700 videos inside. They also have an equally large image gallery waiting for members to come and enjoy. The thing that makes networks different from standalone pay sites is the deep collection of material. So how do you select what you want to start watching? They have functional navigational tools. Going through the individual sites is easy just like going through the network. Filters help to narrow down to specific material you want to watch. Searching by model is possible. The material produced by these guys is exclusive.

The network updates daily with multiple updates. There are sites that are not updating very frequently. The downloading of movies is done in a fast manner thanks to the speeds that these guys provide. Apart from the normal small bugs that many huge porn networks have, like older material in low-res quality, ads, small sites, and so on, there aren’t many things wrong with these guys. The network could use a bit of refreshed color and design but that is just cosmetic stuff. the real backbone of the network are the sites and 1229+ gals and porn productions that they keep on making and this backbone is pretty solid!

Some people think that Team Skeet is a glorious ruby that just needs to be polished a bit and then it will be completely perfect. Others like the rough edges that the network shows. Others don’t care about the distinctions and just want to become members and watch the porn. We are of the opinion that these guys have something solid and special inside their walls.