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You have come to witness the amazingness of the magazines. Now, you have transcended into a much different landscape, leaving the past behind. Good thing, though, that sexual magazines of the past have finally decided to create their very own online versions. The best part, they take no reservations anymore. One of the most popular magazines to have come into the modern adult indsrty would be If it wasn’t Playboy Magazine, people turned to the Pent and they were happy about it, because they had solid options. All the more will you be happy with your co-perverts through the establishment of the website, which we are reviewing today.

It’s not only photos and videos that you get to see in the Pent. Just as you were able to with the magazine, you’ll be able to enjoy some great reading experience through the new and ultimate porn site. There are sections that you get to tap into and each section contains several thousands of blissful contents in in it. All the models are smoking hot as much as they know what they are doing — they are pros and can make you wet even with just a wink of an eye. With all the scenes being hard core and glamorously shot, you will have a totally mind blowing experience that will want you to seek for more and more every single day without that being a problem at all. The Pent never runs out.

You’ll be surprised with how entirely reminiscent the site is to its original inspiration. That will be the case all the more when you get to know there are actually over 3,600 videos that you get to choose from. In this great figure can you enjoy a wide variety of exclusive contents, ranging from high quality to HD and even 3D. Just prepare your cinematic glasses. What’s even more interesting is that they still have the pets magazine section, making the site more cordial even in its hard core nature. There are archives of anything from the magazines, so you can really dig deeper into the past of the Pent.

A subscription to the only requires $9.99 a month. With that, you get all the mentioned items and more. There are updates on a weekly basis and there are bonuses that come from time to time. So, enjoy!