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The kind of porn I like is something that can really make me feel like I am a part of the whole activity and it’s hard to find that kind of porn site these days. With that being said, I want POV type of sites, but it seems to me now that most of the new creations presiding to that kind of niche are becoming more and more trite and ineffective. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s a terminal case of longing for something that doesn’t exist anymore: a legit POV site. Then again, I was proven wrong by a site that I will review today and it’s called POVD.

POVD is one of the standard setters of the POV arena in the adult industry today. And there are very few of them to tell you the truth. According to the critiques, watching videos through this site is like being in the scene yourself. Stunning, compelling, filled with much fervor and action that one cannot simply miss. How this site sets itself apart from the crowd is that it doesn’t create a bulk of videos. Instead, its approach is something that goes more to the point in the meaning of what watching porn should be, a quality experience.

One of the principles of this site is to create purely substantive content, which means to say that every video must have a plot to follow and a goal in mind. But just like the principles of TEDTalks, one must do it in a way that seems natural and unstaged. And that is exactly how POVD does it, to make you believe that the whole POV fucking on cam is without any real flow to follow. But maybe that is indeed the case, because of the 35 movies you get to enjoy here for a good 25 minutes each, there’s not one bit of a scene that will make you think none of it does not come naturally.

There are picture sets with scenic items that you’d surely love to check out as well. A monthly subscription would cost you only $17.95, which is much cheaper than most POV sites tend to be. Furthermore, it’s the appearance of reality porn at its finest — seamless and unadulterated.